Athanase Mulumba

January 1, 2022

A HEART OF FAITH By Pastor Athanase Mulumba. Bible Passage: Mark, chapter 4: 35-41

-         Do you have a heart of faith? Do you have faith?

-         It is possible for a Christian to be without faith.

-         You can be sitting beside your miracle and not get it due to lacking faith.

-         Faith is like a seed that is planted in a soil, the soil is the heart of someone. If you have a good heart the seed can bear fruit.

-         If you are sinning against God and say you have faith it is impossible to have a good result

-         You cannot say you have faith when you are doing or have done evil to another person.

-         A true heart is the heart of faith. When you have a good heart, it is a soil in which you are planting your faith.  When faith is planted as a seed it will germinate. It might take long according to what God want to realise in your life or it might be short for something that you have asked for.

-         Faith should not be limited to confession. Many people in church nowadays talk about faith but the faith that they have is in their heard. God is not after faith that is the head but faith that is in our heart.

-         God measures our faith before blessing us. When Jesus was talking to people He will say “ let it be according to your faith"

-         What God says is settled there is nothing to fear or worry about. The storms and the wind can blow but stand by the word of God because what He says is established.

-         The heart of faith has qualities:

In Mark 4: 35-38 when Jesus entered in the boat He was not moved by circumstances. He was calm and resting. A heart of faith is restful.

When God say something and you believe it, there is no restlessness. That is why Jesus had rest of mind.

When you have a heart of faith no matter the wind that is blowing you will be calm

If God is already involved in your matter, why are you bothering again. Just be at peace.

Someone who has a heart of faith and believe in the word of God, he or she will be calm because God has said.

God is not a man that He will lie. God will do what He has promised.


-Jesus Christ did not run from the storm.  If you have a heart of faith, you can challenge the opposition because you have a name that is above every other name, the name of Jesus.


-Do not be afraid. When you are afraid it means you do not have faith. Use the word of God and challenge the opposition.


Faith can make someone who is ordinary to become a special person.

You are not anybody you are a child of God.


If you have faith and believe Jesus is in you, there is no reason to be afraid.


The heart of faith will not tolerate negativity. When Jesus saw the storm immediately, He challenged it.


The heart of faith speaks faith. Use the word of God, speak the word of God and challenge the problem. If the word of God is abundant in your life it makes you have faith in God.

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