Athanase Mulumba

January 1, 2022


 The cross cannot have value if the tomb was not empty.

 What is your reaction when you look at the cross of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ our Saviour died on the cross because God sent His only begotten son and gave Him to man.

 The cross is empty and no one else can go to the cross and do what Jesus did.

 The cross is a symbol of love from God. It is not a simple cross; it is an instrument of love.

It is a different cross, a symbol of love that man cannot give but love that only God can give because of the tomb that is empty.

 The cross of Jesus Christ is different from the cross that other people used before, because on this cross Jesus did not stay, after three days He came to life. He is alive.

 The cross is a symbol of forgiveness, a symbol of restoration of our relationship with God.

 The cross is beautiful because Jesus Christ rose from the dead and left the tomb empty. Because the tomb is empty, the cross has power and value.

The bible says in 1 Corinthians 15 that if Jesus Christ did not come back to life, so our faith is vain. Our faith is the correct faith because Jesus is alive.

 There is a place for everyone at the cross of Jesus. This is the time to talk to those who do not believe in Jesus and bring them to the cross of Golgotha.

We have many people who do not believe in Jesus Christ, it is your mission and my mission to go to them so that they will come to the cross of Golgotha.

Let us celebrate Jesus Christ by bringing the word of God to other people, by teaching them who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by telling them why we are saved and the salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

 On the cross of Golgotha, the beautiful cross it can draw many people, and everyone has its own place.

When we look at the cross, we draw salvation, joy, prosperity; at the cross we find deliverance and healing.



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