Athanase Mulumba

January 1, 2022

Key points from last Sunday Sermon 27 Feb 2021

Title:Insignificant things

Pastor Athanase Mulumba

Insignificant thing is something that is considered of no value

It is not worthy for consideration.

Something that is neglect or abandon, has no meaning or value. Its meaningless


Do you have some things in your life that you consider has no value?

Some situations that happen in our lives we often look at them as insignificant.


Sometimes God allows those things that you see of no value so that He can direct your path if you are His child.


Those things that we look at as foolish has value before God.


Most of the time what we look at as insignificant depends on our experiences.


Everything you have in your life, if you invest properly it will progress.


Whatever you have, put time in it, spend your energy, ask for advice and look for what to do


The little thing that you have, because you know who your God is, invest wisely in it and God is able to make it great.



Do you know most of the time the things that you considered insignificant today, yesterday they were significant to you but now you have them, you overlooked because you want to have more.

From insignificant things God brings big things. God brings big things s that we admire from small things. Sometimes what is big in our sight is too small before God and what is small in our sight is big before God


All that has happened in your life is in the plan of God. God has a plan for everyone, and His plans are good. In everything we must acknowledge God because your life is in the hands of God


Trust God and do not look at what is going around you. For we walk by faith not by sight.

Sometimes people will look at you as insignificant because you do not have what they have.


When God wanted to anoint a king from the house of Jesse, He did not go for those whowere great, He went to find the one who was kept in the bush and not worthy of consideration, David.

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