Sunday Service 11 April 2021


Athanase Mulumba

January 1, 2022

Sermon: Our Trip After Resurrection Ps Athanase Mulumba Luke 24: 13-35

Jesus disciples were discouraged after His death and they lost hope.

Jesus walked with two of them on the way after His resurrected and they did not realise it was Him because they were in hopeless situation.

We should not lose hope when we have problems our eyes should be turned to God.

The two man, Cleopas and his friend as they were walking and talking, they've lost hope that their Master Jesus will not come back to life.

 Everyone has a time in their life when they lost hope. Jesus disciples had no hope that He will come back to life.

Jesus Christ taught His disciples that after three days He will come back to life. However, they did believe.

 Have you come to that point that you believe God has abandoned you?

It was the third day, and they could not expect that Jesus will come back. They did not wait for the third day to finish.

It is too easy to quit quickly. At the time when your blessings are about to come to you that’s  when you can miss it.

The children of Israel were about to give up at the Red Sea, to give themselves to Pharaoh and his army not knowing they were a meter away from their miracle.

It is easy for you to quit when your miracle is at the door.

Cleopas and his friend they nearly missed their miracle.

When God wants to bring Glory to your life, it may not look like Glory. And that is how you can miss it.

God will bless you according to the level of your faith.

 When you invite Jesus in your life, He will take over your life.

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