The Choir Department

Saturdays at 4.30pm

The Choir Department

This is the oldest group in the church history. It comprises a group of musicians that sing and play musical instruments to lead worship in God’s presence.

The choir has an eternal function in worshiping Jehovah our God since the Old Testament: 1 Chron. 15, 16; 1Chro:6, 31-35; 2 Chro.7, 6.   Revelation: 5, 11.  Matt. 26, 30.  Acts 16, 25. In RCCG the choir is headed by a coordinator who may have an assistant both reporting to the minister in charge of the choir in the parish, vocalists, back- up singers and instrumentalists.

The Choir Department of RCCG Jesus Reigns Assembly is a group of born-again Christians who have been set apart to minister to God and His people through music. The choir consists of both instrumentalists and vocalists.

 The mission statement of the choir is ‘to ensure choir ministration (praise/worship and inspirational songs) are delivered skillfully and in such a manner that it will motivate God’s people to worship Him irrespective of their nationality, race or colour’

 Additionally, ‘to inspire individuals in the church to imbibe the culture of praise/worship and make it part of their daily routine’.

Functions: Providing sacred and gospel music to lead worship during the church services or special events (revival, meetings, weddings, naming or burial etc.).

  • ‍Meeting regularly for rehearsals every week and to learn new songs and hymns
  • ‍Providing regular reports of their activities to the pastorate

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Meeting Days:

Saturdays at 4.30pm



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